Buffetware Rentals

Stainless Steel Chafing Dishes

Silver Coffee Urn Antique

Silver Coffee Pourer

Chafing Dish with Design

Stainless Steel Round Chafing Dish

Stainless Steel Square Chafing Dish

Sugar & Creamer Set

German Electric Samovar 200 cup

Round Chafing Dish

Stainless Steel Chafing dish

Chafing dish oval gold

Chafing Dish

Tiered Trays

Party Trays

Cake Stand 13''

Beverage Fountain 7 Gallon

Beverage Fountain 5 Gallon

Chocolate Fountain


Cappuccino Machine

Cake Stand

Heating Lamp

Coffee Maker for 55 cups

Coffee Maker for 100 cups

White Coffee Pourer

Plastic Water Pitcher 62 oz

Decanter Wine, Water 1 litre

Insulated Pan Carriers

Oven with 4 burner

Hot Box w Sterno


Waiter Tray Stand

Sheet Pan

Oval Serving Tray

Plastic Chill Tub


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