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Shiraz Party Rental provides the greatest possible value to its customers by offering the highest quality
tablecloths in different colors, sizes and fabrics.
Round Polyester Tablecloth Peach

Round Polyester Tablecloth White

Rectangular Tablecloth Ivory

Round Polyester Tableclott Purple Wine

Round Polyester Tablecloth Lavender

Round Polyester Tablecloth Fuchsia

Round Polyester Tablecloth Black

Round Polyester Tablecloth Grey

Round Polyester Tablecloth Navy Blue

Round Polyester Tablecloth  Sky Blue

Round Polyester Tablecloth Caribbean Blu

Round Polyester Tablecloth

Round Polyester Tablecloth Coral

Round Polyester Tablecloth Copper

Round Polyester Tablecloth Ivory

Rectangular Tablecloth Yellow

Rectangular Tablecloth Fuchsia

Rectangular Tablecloth Turquoise

Rectangular Tablecloth Tea Green

Rectangular Tablecloth Silver

Rectangular Tablecloth Strawberry Ice

Rectangular Tablecloth Royal Blue

Rectangular Tablecloth Reseda

Rectangular Tablecloth Red

Rectangular Tablecloth Purple

Rectangular Tablecloth Burgundy

Rectangular Tablecloth Dark Green

Rectangular Tablecloth Light Green

Rectangular Tablecloth Marsala

Rectangular Tablecloth Orange

Rectangular Tablecloth Light Pink

Rectangular Tablecloth Pink

Rectangular Tablecloth Hunter Green

Rectangular Tablecloth Cantaloupe

Rectangular Tablecloth Eggplant

Rectangular Tablecloth Chocolate

Rectangular Tablecloth Beige

Rectangular Tablecloth Silver Polyester.

Rectangular Tablecloth Mint

Rectangular Tablecloth Hemlock

Rectangular Tablecloth Grey

Rectangular Tablecloth Raspberry Pink

Beautiful setup by Shiraz Rentals' suppl

Set up with our Sequin Linens

Beutiful Setup with Purple Sequin Tablec

Pink Gold Round Sequin Tablecloth

Sequin tablecloth

Rose Gold Sequin Tablecloth.

Purple Sequin Tablecloth Rectangular

Mint Green Sequin Tablecloth Rectangular

Rose Gold Sequin Tablecloth Rectangular.

Red Sequin Tablecloth Rectangular

Baby Blue Sequin Tablecloth Rectangular.

Navy Blue Sequin Tablecloth Rectangular.

Mint Green Sequin Tablecloth

Brown Sequin Tablecloth

Fuchsia Pink Sequin Tablecloth

Gold Sequin Tablecloth

Red Sequin Tablecloth

Silver Sequin Tablecloth

Dusty Rose Premium Velvet Rectangle Tabl

Purple Premium Velvet Rectangle Tableclo

Charcoal Grey Velvet Rectangle

Hunter Green Premium Velvet Rectangle Ta

Gold Premium Velvet Rectangle Tablecloth

Navy Blue Premium Velvet Rectangle Table

White Premium Velvet Rectangle Tableclot

Wine Premium Velvet Rectangle Tablecloth

Royal Blue Velvet Premium Tablecloth

Ivory Premium Velvet Rectangle Tableclot

Champagne Premium Velvet Rectangle Table

Black Premium Velvet Rectangle Tableclot

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Orange

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Canary Yellow

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Aqua Blue

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Platinum

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Champagne

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Navy Blue

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Chocolate

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Ivory

Pintuck Taffeta Tablecloth Blush Pink

Crinkle Taffeta Apple Red

Crinkle Taffeta Blush Pink

Crinkle Taffeta Turqoise

Crinkle Taffeta Jade

Crinkle Taffeta Coral

Crinkle Taffeta Fuchsia

Crinkle Taffeta Pink

Crinkle Taffeta Apricot Peach

Crinkle Taffeta Eggplant

Crinkle Taffeta Royal Blue

Crinkle Taffeta Gold

Crinkle Taffeta Oasis

Gold Satin Tablecloth

Rose Gold Satin Tablecloth

Baby Blue Satin Tablecloth

Emerald Green Satin Round Tablecloth

Orange Satin tablecloth

Turquoise Satin Tablecloth Round

Silver Satin Round Tablecloth

Burgandy Satin Round Tablecloth

Red Satin Tablecloth

White Satin Round Tablecloth

Pink Satin Tablecloth

Purple Satin Round Tablecloth

Apple Red Satin Tablecloth

Coral Satin Tablecloth

Royal Blue Satin Tablecloth

Champagne Satin Rectangular Tablecloth

Royal Blue Satin Rectangular Tablecloth.

Coral Satin Rectangular Tablecloth

Turquoise Satin Tablecloth

Fuschia Satin Tablecloth

Eggplant Satin Rectangular Tablecloth

Spadex Tablecover & Chaircover

Corporate Event table setup with spandex

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